Big Ag’s Addiction to Antibiotics Could Kill 10 Million People Each Year by 2050

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The discovery of penicillin in the 1920’s was a medical breakthrough. Who of us hasn’t relied on antibiotics to cure an infection at some point in our lives? Yet, today in the US, 80% of antibiotics aren’t used to treat people – they’re fed to factory-farmed animals. Why? For decades, Big Ag has been pumping these drugs into animals as …

Silent Side Dishes: The Stealth of Ractopamine

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Did you know that with almost every serving of turkey and pig meat dished out this holiday season – and all year long – there’s a stealthy side of drugs that are banned in the European Union and even China, but not the US?  It’s called Ractopamine. And it’s even in your bacon, which reaches its record-setting consumption rate during …