Milk Consumption Declines with Each Generation

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While milk mustaches may have never really caught on as a fashion trend, the days of this symbolic foamy white upper lip may be numbered. In fact, right now, the dairy industry may be facing its biggest sales threat to date: younger generations with a world of information readily available at their fingertips along with countless dairy-free options available to them.


Horsemeat Scandal Prompts UK Consumers to Eat Less Meat

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While factory farmers, food manufacturers, and retailers play the blame game in Europe over the discovery of horse DNA in various beef products, a significant number of British consumers are responding by not just avoiding the possibly tainted beef, but eating less meat overall.

Vegan Sandwiches

Select Subway Cafes Now Serving Three New Vegan Sandwiches

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After successfully persuading companies including Morningstar Farms, Lightlife, BOCA Foods, and Quorn to reduce or eliminate their use of eggs and offer more vegan options, COK has been reaching out to Subway, urging the world’s largest restaurant chain to offer more substantial protein-packed vegan meals on its menus.

Hen Protection: The Meat Industry’s Problem With Federal Hen Protection Bill

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ncba-hammer-henbill_1-250x325.jpgEarlier this year, Rep. Kurt Schraeder (D-OR, and the only veterinarian in the Congress) introduced the Egg Products Inspection Act Amendments (HR 3798) that outlines a ban on the use of barren battery cages on egg factory farms nationwide. In addition to providing hens with more living space and environmental enrichments such as perches, nesting areas, and scratching areas so hens can engage in more natural behaviors, it also mandates that all egg cartons sold in the U.S. include a label that clearly identifies the method of production (i.e. “Eggs from Caged Hens”).


Ask Dunkin’ to Have a Heart for Animals

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dunkin_heart_donut_0-275x262.jpgDunkin’ Donuts is the world’s largest coffee and baked goods chain
serving more than three million customers daily. It offers over 65 varieties of doughnuts — including two heart-shaped specials for Valentine’s Day: Cupid’s Choice and a Chocolate Heart. 

Sounds like a sweet deal, until you discover that these heart-shaped specials along every other doughnut dished out by Dunkin’ are made with egg and dairy products from
factory-farmed animals.

Take Action: Urge Congress to Pass First Federal Law Protecting Egg Laying Hens

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Animal%20People%20Federal%20Hen%20Ad%202Currently in the US, more than 250 million egg-laying hens are suffering inside tiny wire cages so small, they’re denied the ability to engage in some of their most natural behaviors, including walking.  With virtually no laws to protect them, these smart and social animals are subjected to some of the worst abuses imaginable and are routinely treated in ways that would result in criminal prosecution if those same abuses were inflicted upon cats or dogs. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to expose the rotten truth of egg production and promote compassionate food choices.

Subway Rolls Out All-Vegan Patty at Select Locations in Canada

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Do you enjoy Subway’s Veggie Delight sandwich but wish you could feast on a “meatier” animal-friendly meal? We do, too — and if you live in Canada, now you can!

Compassion Over Killing’s campaign has been asking consumers to reach out to Subway, the world’s largest restaurant chain, urging the company to add vegan options — and we’re excited to share some good news: select Subway restaurants throughout Canada are starting to dish out an all-vegan patty, promoted as the “Totally Vegged” vegetable patty! And it’s 100% meat-, egg, and dairy-free (see ingredients below).