Taste Test: The New Subway Beyond Meatball Marinara Sub

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After years of campaigning by Compassion Over Killing, the day has finally come. Subway has launched its partnership with Beyond Meat and debuted a vegan meatball marinara sub in select locations, and COK’s Senior Director of Campaigns and Corporate Outreach, Laura Cascada, was one of the first to try it.  Though this is a limited test, Subway has told us …

Subway to Launch Beyond Meatball Sub

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After a years-long campaign by Animal Outlook and our supporters, Subway told us it will launch a partnership with Beyond Meat to test a fully plant-based meatball marinara sub in 685 stores. The sub will come with topped with non-vegan cheese, but customers can order the meatball marinara without it for a delicious, compassionate option. Our campaign for vegan options …

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Could a Vegan Subway Option Be on the Way?

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This year, vegetarian brand MorningStar Farms took a big step and announced that it would be transitioning its frozen meat replacement line to become fully vegan!  Though the company began reducing its usage of eggs in 2008 after urging from Compassion Over Killing and Vegan Outreach, Vegan Outreach’s continuing campaign has convinced the company to ditch eggs entirely. The line …

The TryVeg Guide to Vegan Fast Food

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Being vegan is easier than ever–even when it comes to once meat-heavy fast food. As consumers seek more compassionate, healthier, and Earth-friendly food options, restaurant chains are catching up. Whether you’re on a road trip or just craving a quick and affordable meal, chances are you’ll be able to find something at one of many common fast-food chains. And with …

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Subway Vegan Options Expand into UK

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Subway, the household name when it comes to quick custom sandwiches, is yet again dipping into the plant-based market by offering a fully vegan veggie patty in some of its UK stores. This comes after more than 18,000 people have contacted the sandwich giant asking for vegan options through Compassion Over Killing’s website. The patty, LiveKindly reports, is similar to …

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Subway Australia and New Zealand Trial Vegan Falafel Sandwich

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Giant sandwich chain Subway has announced plans to introduce a vegan sandwich option in 100 locations across Australia and New Zealand! This is another big step in Subway becoming more vegan-friendly around the globe. In February of this year, Subways in Finland began offering a soy-based vegan “steak” sandwich. Now, Australians can get their hands on a new smashed falafel …

6 Easy Things You Can Do for Animals in the New Year

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When it comes to making the world a better place for animals, there is so much to be done that it’s easy to lose yourself in “shoulds.” Think: I should be attending outreach events, I should be eating a completely vegan diet, I should be converting everyone I know into an advocate … and so on. You could spend all day thinking …

Reader’s Choice: Top 5 Blogs of 2015

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As we look back at 2015, celebrating our 20th anniversary, we’re incredibly grateful to all of our supporters, like you. Your dedication and generosity is the driving force behind our successes for animals – from our hard-hitting investigations generating international media coverage to persuading corporations to reduce their use of animal ingredients and add more vegan options. With so much …