Consider These Fascinating Facts About Turkeys!

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Turkeys are smart, sensitive, and curious birds. They’re simply full of personality and feathered swagger!

Sadly, nearly 300 million turkeys are slaughtered each year  — around 46 million for Thanksgiving alone. But you can stand up for turkeys and all animals when you sit down to your holiday meal, simply by leaving them off your table.

Consider these amazing facts:

  • Turkeys know each other’s voices. Turkeys enjoy socializing, and can even recognize one another by the sound of their voice.
  • Turkeys are playful. When given the freedom to just be turkeys, these playful birds enjoy building nests, roosting in trees, foraging for food, and taking dust baths.
  • Turkeys love hugs. Turkeys are affectionate, and at sanctuaries they often become excellent ambassadors for all farm animals as they greet visitors and even follow them around. Meet Tallulah the turkey and read her inspiring rescue story!
  • They change colors. Their necks do, anyway. This spot on a male turkey can change hues based on the bird’s frame of mind. When calm, they’re gray or blue. When excited or angry, they turn red. In other words, turkeys wear their heart on their neck.
  • Turkeys talk. Just because they don’t speak in words, doesn’t mean they don’t speak. Scientists have found more than 20 distinct vocalizations in wild turkeys. They even make a soft “purring” sound — typically a sign of contentment.

The good news that makes us — and turkeys — thankful is that it’s easier than ever before to choose compassion and leave animals off our plates during the holidays and year-round. Get started today with this easy vegan Thanksgiving menu and at


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