Subway Rolls Out All-Vegan Patty at Select Locations in Canada

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Vegan Patty

Do you enjoy Subway’s Veggie Delight sandwich but wish you could feast on a “meatier” animal-friendly meal? We do, too — and if you live in Canada, now you can.

Animal Outlook’s campaign asks consumers to reach out to Subway, the world’s largest restaurant chain, and urge them to add vegan options. We’re excited to share some good news: select Subway restaurants throughout Canada are offering the plant-based “Totally Vegged” vegetable patty. It’s 100 percent meat-, egg- and dairy-free (see ingredients below).

Where in Canada can you find it? This item is new — you won’t even find it listed on Subway’s website yet. But we’ve confirmed a few locations (see below) and need your help in adding to this list. If you live in Canada, please call or stop by your local Subway restaurant to find out if they offer it. If they do, be sure to thank them and also let us know the address — and if they don’t have it yet, politely ask them to offer this delicious plant-based patty.

What about restaurants in the U.S.? While the patty is currently only available in select locations in Canada, with enough positive feedback from consumers eager to see this option available everywhere, the company may decide to expand all of its menus. (Note: while some U.S. locations may offer a veggie patty, it’s unfortunately made with egg). That’s why we need your help today:

Visit and call Subway at 203-877-4281 to add your voice to the thousands of others urging the company to add hearty vegan options to all of its menus.   

Is Subway’s “Totally-Vegged” Vegetable Patty really vegan? Yes.

You may be familiar with Subway’s “Veggie Max” veggie patty, which has been available in many locations for several years. While the “Veggie Max” is made with milk and eggs, the new “Totally-Vegged” veggie patty is 100 percent egg- and dairy-free — and it even looks different with a more rounded shape and “meatier” texture.

We checked with the company to be sure, and here’s the ingredient list they sent us:

Totally-Vegged Patty ingredients: carrots, red
pepper, green
pepper, onion, water
chestnuts, mushrooms, water, soy
protein, wheat
gluten, canola
oil, sugar, modified
cellulose, oats, rice, onion
powder, garlic
powder, modified
corn starch, hydrolyzed
corn, soy
and wheat gluten protein, dextrose, salt, potassium
chloride, spices, jalapeño
powder, dehydrated
lemon peel, dehydrated
cilantro, dehydrated
orange peel, flavour, spinach
powder, dehydrated

When you stop into your local Subway to grab a hearty vegan meal, just be sure to ask if they’re serving the new “Totally Vegged” patty (instead of the old “Veggie Max.”)

Subway restaurants in Canada offering the “Totally Vegged” vegan patty:

  • AB: 2500 University Ave., NW in Calgary – 403-220-1571
  • BC: 4744 Lakelse Ave. in Terrace – 250-635-1994
  • BC: 2323 Boundary Rd. in Vancouver – 604-205-5060
  • BC: 2640 Arbutus St. in Vancouver – 604-737-7421
  • BC: 200 Burrard St. in Vancouver – 604-662-3962
  • BC: 3790 Canada Way in Vancouver – 604-433-4742
  • BC: 4108 Fraser St. in Vancouver – 604-874-9885
  • BC: 5931 Hastings St, in Vancouver -604-299-0449
  • BC: 1256 Lynn Valley Rd. in Vancouver – 604-986-7825
  • BC: 7645 Royal Oak Ave. in Vancouver 604-430-4441
  • BC: 333 Seymour Blvd in Vancouver – 604-904-9923
  • BC: 6402 Victoria Dr. in Vancouver – 604-301-1895
  • BC: 700 W. 6th Ave. in Vancouver – 604-879-7824
  • BC: 433 W. Broadway in Vancouver – 604-569-3961
  • BC: 1895 Willingdon Ave. in Vancouver – 604-299-7838
  • BC: 4000 Whistler Way #202 in Whistler 604-932-3244
  • ON: 7706 Kennedy Rd. in Markham – 905-940-8987
  • ON: 34 Church St. in Toronto – 416-368-1997
  • ON: 232 Danforth Ave. in Toronto – 416-469-2000
  • ON: 259 King St. E in Toronto – 416-368-7782
  • ON: 727 Queen St. E in Toronto – 647-435-8673
  • ON: 1506 Yonge St. in Toronto – 416-967-7770
  • ON: 136 Yorkville Ave. in Toronto – 416-934-0007

Know of more Subway locations offering the vegan patty? Let us know. And be sure to check back often for updates.

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