COK Urges USDA to Say No to Less Pig Industry Regulation

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On Monday, Compassion Over Killing submitted a legal comment urging USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service not to adopt their proposed rule eliminating federal regulations requiring pig carcasses to be cleaned prior to incision. COK joins several consumer advocacy groups, including Food & Water Watch, Center for Food Safety, and Government Accountability Project, in opposing this measure. Not only does …

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The Human Cost of Cheap Meat: ICE Detains 146 Meatpacking Workers

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On Wednesday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) carried out the largest raid in a decade at Salem, Ohio meatpacking plant Fresh Mark. According to NPR, this raid was part of a yearlong investigation into Fresh Mark’s hiring practices. Most of the 146 employees arrested are still being detained in Ohio and Michigan, where they’re awaiting deportation proceedings. This raid …

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Coalition Urges NC Governor to Veto Dangerous Big Ag Protection Bill

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Compassion Over Killing has joined a coalition of animal protection organizations in sending a letter to North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, urging him to veto a dangerous bill on his desk. Titled “Farm Act of 2018,” Senate bill 711 effectively strips North Carolinians of the right to file nuisance lawsuits against neighboring pig factory farms. The Coalition, including Farm Sanctuary, …

Animals Are Not A Health Food!

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This month the International Food Information Council Foundation (IFIC) published a survey on American dieting habits and the results made something clear: Americans want to get in control of their health, but have they been misled? Instead of opting for a plant-based diet, consumers are running away from carbohydrates in search of more protein. Diet regimens like Paleo, Keto and …


Meat & Dairy Industries Can’t Squash Plant-Based Competition

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In desperate attempts to squash massively popular plant-based products, from vegan burgers to almond milk, the meat & dairy industries are claiming consumers are “confused” by food labels. Turning to the Food & Drug Administration to stop the use of words like “meat,” “milk,” and “cheese” on vegan foods, not only are these industries trying to stifle their more compassionate …

Poultry Industry News: Plant-Based Eating to Increase in 2018

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Meat is so last year! In fact, as consumers grow increasingly concerned about animal welfare, more and more are choosing kinder, healthier, and more sustainable plant-based foods. Even meat industry news seems to be taking notice. Poultry industry site, WATTAgNet, has just published thoughts on “why plant-based eating will increase in 2018.” “Last year, plant-based proteins became more mainstream, thanks …

Govt. Report: Factory Farms Denying Workers Bathroom Breaks

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Not only do animals suffer on factory farms, but workers do, too, enduring long hours in often dangerous conditions, and even sustaining serious injuries. This year, a National Employment Law Project (NELP) report, tracking severe workplace injuries, stated that, “The number of incidents reported by the meat and poultry processing industry is startling.” Now, a new report from the Government …

Calf Rescued After Inspiring Run for His Life Goes Viral

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A calf’s escape from a Brooklyn slaughterhouse yesterday took social media by storm, and as he ran through the city streets, he won the hearts of thousands of people rooting for a rescue. The scared young steer was likely experiencing “freedom” for the first time, and a child was injured in his frantic running before he was recaptured. But, before …

Tyson Backs Out of Plans for KS Plant as Thousands Protest, Officials Pull Support

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In a victory for a Kansas community and for animals, Tyson Foods — the nation’s largest chicken producer — has backed down on plans to build a $320 million chicken processing plant in the town of Tonganoxie, following protests by more than 2,000 people. Residents expressed concerns over the feared impacts the massive operation would have on animals, workers, and the …