Govt. Report: Factory Farms Denying Workers Bathroom Breaks

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Not only do animals suffer on factory farms, but workers do, too, enduring long hours in often dangerous conditions, and even sustaining serious injuries.

This year, a National Employment Law Project (NELP) report, tracking severe workplace injuries, stated that, “The number of incidents reported by the meat and poultry processing industry is startling.”

Now, a new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) declares, “Meat and poultry slaughter and processing is one of the most hazardous industries in the United States.” 

In addition to the dangers faced by factory farm and slaughterhouse workers, the GAO report also found that employees, working in an “assembly-line environment,” are not being allowed breaks to use the bathroom.

“Workers we interviewed in all five states said their requests to use the bathroom are often delayed or denied, and workers in two states said they fear punishment if they ask to use the bathroom too frequently or complain about lack of bathroom access to their supervisors or to OSHA [the Occupational Safety and Health Administration],” the report adds.

The NELP report earlier this year named several companies that COK has exposed for animal cruelty, on its list of companies with the most reported workplace injuries January 2015-September 2016 — including Tyson Foods at #4 with 70 hospitalizations or amputations.

COK’s newest investigation of Tyson Foods, the second in little more than a year, has again found egregious animal cruelty at a factory farm supplying the poultry giant. In response to our video, Tyson cut ties with supplier Atlantic Farm, and 10 employees were also fired. But blaming underpaid workers ignores the underlying issues causing animal suffering to continue, including the genetic manipulation of birds for painful rapid growth.

Sign & share our investigator’s petition todayAsk Tyson to stop crippling birds with unnatural rapid growth!

You can opt out of supporting the meat industry’s reckless disregard for animals and worker safety. Choose compassionate vegan foods! We can help you get started today.

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