There’s No Catch: This Vegan Tuna is Amazing!

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The much-anticipated Fish-Free Tuna from Good Catch Foods has finally arrived, and it’s sure to reel vegan and pre-vegan eaters alike in for more.

Now hitting shelves nationwide at Whole Foods Market and Thrive Market, the vegan tuna is available in three flavors (Naked in Water, Mediterranean, and Oil & Herbs) and serves up protein and omega-3 without the suffering behind every serving of fish.

All the flavor and no mercury or plastics? Yes, please. As Good Catch Foods says it’s “redefining seafood for omnivores and plant based eaters alike.”

And it’s more important than ever to not sea fish as seafood, but as living, feeling beings who are also part of a crucial marine eco-system. The oceans, after all, provide much of the oxygen we breathe!

In addition to the sea being depleted of fish, there is also vast suffering for animals in extreme confinement on fish farms — now the source of half of the world’s fish, as Good Catch Foods points out.

Read more about this exciting news for fish and consumers alike. Plus, want DIY vegan recipes that are kind to our finned friends? Visit today to see how to whip up easy “Chickpea of the Sea” Salad, Jackfruit Croquettes, and more.

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