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The Economist Says 2019 is the “Year of the Vegan”

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In its annual look into the new year, the Economist has stated that it believes that 2019 will be “the year of the vegan.” In light of recent victories for animals and the quickly expanding vegan foods market, we think they might be right.

According to John Parker’s article, veganism is going mainstream in 2019, especially among millenials. Already, at least 25% of Americans between 25 and 34 years old say they’re vegan or vegetarian. And it seems like that number is only going to rise going into 2019.

2018 has seen huge victories for animals, including many campaigns spearheaded by Compassion Over Killing which have led to expanded vegan options from companies like BOCA, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Starbucks. This year, the vegan market boomed, with research showing that 39% of Americans are “actively trying to eat more plant-based foods!” Going into 2019, this is easier than ever: new, innovative vegan products are hitting shelves and restaurants, and even meat giants like Tyson foods are pivoting to plant-based product lines and investing in vegan companies.

If plant-based “meats” take off, they could become a transformative technology, improving Westerners’ protein-heavy diets, reducing the environmental hoofprint of animal husbandry and perhaps even cutting the cost of food in poor countries. -John Parker, the Economist

A switch to a more compassionate vegan lifestyle is urgent as ever. This year, climate scientists gave us 12 years to change our ways and limit a climate catastrophe. And the best way for us to do that on an individual level? Eat plants. As we go into a new year, we can all make one simple change to not only protect animals and safeguard our own health, but to begin to reduce the devastating effects factory farming has on climate change.  

Happy New Year–and cheers to compassion!

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