9 A-Moo-Sing Facts about Cows

smcdonald News

Cows, like all farmed animals, have unique personalities and experience a wide range of emotions just like humans, cats, and dogs! In fact, these playful animals remind us of man’s best friend in a few ways–if you’re willing to overlook the four extra digestive compartments.

Here are a couple things you may not have known about our gentle friends.

-Cows, like dogs, thrive in social environments where they can build relationships, play, and exercise. It’s true–sweet cows are really just giant puppies.

-Like humans, cows form strong relationships with their young. A mother’s love is not exclusive to one species. A mother and her calf recognize each other, comfort each other, and grieve when they are separated.

-Cows have been shown to make meaningful personal connections. They even have best friends!

-Cows can distinguish between different species and form bonds with other animals and humans. Make friends with a cow, and they could remember your face for life.

-These intelligent animals, like humans, can experience fear and anxiety. Like many of us, they also worry about the future.

-Studies have shown that when cows solve a problem, they celebrate! Their heart rates will increase and they will jump, kick, and run in excitement.

-A cow’s natural lifespan is around 20 years!

-These mammals have an impressive sense of smell–they can smell up to six miles away!

-Cows are probably larger than you think, though not naturally. Though many are slaughtered before reaching maturity, a farmed cow can grow to weigh over 2000lbs.

These sweet and intelligent animals aren’t here for us–they’re here with us. Like all mammals, mother cows produce milk for one reason and one reason only: to feed their babies. We can help protect these loving individuals and their bonds with each other by ditching cruel dairy.

Feeling inspired? Sign Compassion Over Killing’s petition for Kraft Heinz to “kraft” a better BOCA and ditch dairy in the meatless brand.