World Vegan Day: Simple Ways to Celebrate Compassion!

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Today is World Vegan Day!

Sadly, more than nine billion animals are slaughter for food each year in the U.S.  As Compassion Over Killing’s investigations have exposed time and time again, animals endure systematic cruelty and suffering on factory farms.

But you have the power to stand up for animals every time you sit down to eat, simply by choosing from the many delicious and healthy plant-based foods that are more available than ever before! And there are so many other ways to get active for animals.

In honor of World Vegan Day, and World Vegan Month (November), we are sharing easy and fun ways to celebrate compassion today and every day of the year!

  1. Whip up a vegan recipe, and share it with friends or family. Don’t have a meatless meal in mind? Here are some simple, tried-and-true recipe ideas.
  2. Host a vegan potluck, or attend one a bring a delicious vegan dish. Make sure to share the recipes that wowed the crowd so that every guest walks away with a few more vegan meals to try at home.
  3. Be a voice for animals. Contact us for free literature today! Leaflet to educate others about the many benefits of choosing vegan foods, and help empower them to make those compassionate choices.
  4. Bring friends with you to visit an animal sanctuary. Spending time with rescued farm animals and meeting them one-on-one can inspire many to consider these remarkable animals as individuals, and even to leave animals off their plates.
  5. Share the love. Take to social media for a quick and easy way to be a voice for compassion. Share COK news, Post a photo of you and a rescued farm animal from your sanctuary visit, share a news article about healthy vegan eating or a delicious recipe…the possibilities are endless!
  6. Eat at your favorite vegan or vegan-friendly restaurant, and ask soon-to-be-vegan family and friends to join you. Order a variety of dishes to share so they can experience the many delicious flavors of plant-based eating.

These are just a few of the ways YOU can help animals on World Vegan Day!

Join Compassion Over Killing and help us continue to save animals today: lend your support, sign & share our petitions, volunteer with us, and find more ways to get involved at!

On World Vegan Day, and every day, the power of compassion starts with YOU.

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