Honor All Moms This Mother’s Day: Choose Dairy-Free!

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Just days before Mother’s Day, Compassion Over Killing’s heartbreaking new undercover video is exposing cruelty to gentle mother cows at Mason Dixon Farms, a supplier to some of the largest names in dairy, including Land O’Lakes and Dairy Farmers of America (DFA).

The footage reveals the devastating reality behind Big Dairy. COK’s investigator documented egregious cruelty, including cows being kicked, punched, and excessively shocked.

Downed cows, too weak to stand, were repeatedly shocked and prodded until they were forced to walk to the milking machines — the industry’s thirst for profit sucking the life out of these exhausted mother cows.

Dairy DYK’s:

DYK that cows carry their babies for nine months, like human mothers?

DYK dairy cows are impregnated by invasive artificial insemination, year after year, to keep them producing milk?

DYK that mother cows form strong lifelong bonds with their calves?

DYK in the dairy industry, a cow’s newborn calf is taken from her, so the milk the baby animal is meant to drink can be sold for human consumption?

Mother cows endure systematic exploitation, suffering, and abuse at the hands of the dairy industry. Hooked up to milking machines twice a day, dairy cows can suffer painful inflammation of the udders, known as mastitis. They are genetically manipulated, and sometimes given bovine growth hormones too, in order to unnaturally boost milk production. At Mason Dixon, cows produce up to 25 gallons of milk a day, more than twice the amount on other dairy factories!

Take Action for Mother Cows Today!

We can we can show compassion to all moms – by leaving animal products like dairy and meat out of our shopping carts!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, but there’s plenty of time to create your compassionate celebration menu. Make brunch for Mom with these Fluffy Pancakes or French Toast, or visit TryVeg.com for more recipes and ideas.

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