“Proud” of Your Product, Big Dairy? Call it “Cow Milk!”

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With each generation drinking less milk than the previous one and investigations repeatedly exposing cruelty to cows, Big Dairy has been looking pretty desperate.  The industry’s crying over spilled milk (literally dumping millions of overproduced gallons), attempting to squash soaring almond milk sales, and even killing cows to illegally inflate milk prices.

And, amidst this dairy decline, the industry has been trying to churn the FDA into a frenzy over dairy-free products like almond and soy milk being labeled with the word “milk.”

In 2010, the National Milk Producers Federation petitioned the FDA to stop the use of words like “milk,” “cheese,” “yogurt,” or “ice cream,” on dairy-free products…but six years later, no response from the federal agency. So, Big Dairy got Congressmembers to send the FDA a letter suggesting that such product labeling (ie soy milk) is “misleading and illegal.”

Compassion Over Killing whipped up a better solution: If Big Dairy’s worried about consumer confusion, why not clearly label its own products “cow milk,” “cow cheese,” and so on? Sign & share our Change.org petition!

Still, Big Dairy has continued pouting to the government. Urged by the industry, Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin (a major dairy-producing state) introduced The Defending Against Imitations and Replacements of Yogurt, milk, and cheese to Promote Regular Intake of Dairy Everyday Act — better known as the “Dairy Pride Act.”

But if Big Dairy really takes “pride” in its product, why not proudly label it “cow milk?”

After all, plant-based milks like soy milk and almond milk are already labeled as such. It’s cow’s milk (produced by cows, for cows) that isn’t!

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