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Humane Education Courses Leave a Lasting Impression

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Are you concerned about animal welfare, environmental destruction, and human rights? While there is so much information available about these issues, it can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate meaningful actions you can take today to help bring an end to these global issues.

This is where the Institute for Humane Education (IHE) comes in. Because Compassion Over Killing believes in the mission of IHE, we’ve partnered with them to help get the word out about their online classes and graduate programs!

IHE’s online programs offer tools and inspiration to help participants live a more humane lifestyle. The courses also teach the leadership skills required to teach others about living in a way that causes the least harm possible.

Teaching for a Positive Future

A six-week online class, this workshop is aimed at educators who want to inspire their students to become leaders and changemakers–encouraging a more sustainable, healthy world.

A Better World, A Meaningful Life

This IHE course is designed to help you bring more balance, harmony, and meaning to  your life.

Want to learn more about the mission of IHE? Co-founder Zoe Weil recently presented a TEDtalk on the importance of teaching others lessons that can change the world. Watch it here:

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