Dairy Sales Drop So Industry Dumps 43M Gallons of Milk

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Dairy demand is dropping – and fast. Milk consumption keeps declining with each generation as more and more consumers move on to plant-based milks of the future, which are free of cholesterol and cruelty. So what’s next for this troubled industry? Well, it’s already begging for government bailouts, desperately attempting to squash almond milk sales, and it even got involved in a deadly …


Lawsuit Claims Chicken Industry Killed Birds to Illegally Inflate Prices

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Chickens are forced to endure some of the worst abuses in animal agribusiness, and Animal Outlook works to bring their suffering, and that of all farmed animals, to light. Our investigators have revealed birds buried alive in pits and newly hatched chicks ground alive or left to slowly die. Despite desperate efforts by the industry to hide such abuse, we continue …

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Class Action Settlement: U.S. Dairy Industry to Pay $52 Million in Price-Fixing Conspiracy

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Dairy Industry Pays $52M in Price-Fixing Conspiracy Settlement As Animal Outlook has exposed time and again, the dairy industry consistently shows utter disregard for animal welfare — from taking newborn calves away from their mothers to shipping “spent” cows off to slaughter. That’s hardly where the unethical behavior ends. According to a class action lawsuit filed in 2011, the industry’s …