AP: Creamy & Flavorful Dairy-Free Ice Cream “Not Just for Vegans”

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Moo-ve over milk: dairy-free ice cream is so popular, it’s boosting sales in an otherwise melting market, and major frozen treat brands like Ben & Jerry’s and Breyers are supplying exciting flavors to meet the booming plant-based demand.

And everyone’s screaming for the new vegan ice cream from Haagen-Dazs, which just launched FOUR new flavors!

With summer in full swing, the demand is likely to continue, and Associated Press has apparently taken note of just how many delicious dairy-free offerings are lining the ice cream aisles — appealing to all sweets-eaters alike.

A new AP article says, “Nice cream: It’s what they call vegan ice cream. But with creamier bases and more interesting flavors, it’s not just for vegans anymore.” 

“Dairy-free ice cream options have come a long way thanks in part to meat-eating folk looking to avoid dairy or just make healthier choices without defaulting to sorbet, the usual substitute.”

As Compassion Over Killing investigators have exposed time and again, there’s nothing nice about the cycle of cruelty cows endure in the dairy industry — from newborn calves taken from their mothers, to exhausted cows sent to slaughter when they’re no longer able to produce milk.

Like AP points out, there are so many creamier-than-ever plant-based ice creams that rival their cow’s milk counterparts. So, vegans, as well as those pre-vegan consumers simply choosing dairy alternatives, have lots of tasty treats to choose from.

Eating dairy-free is easier than ever! Visit TryVeg.com today for recipes and more. Plus, summer’s here, and we have your go-to Vegan Milkshakes 101 guide.

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