Campaign News: 1,000+ Subways Now Offer Vegan Menu!

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A few months ago, we were excited to share the incredible news that Subway introduced a vegan menu in 400 stores throughout Washington, DC and Los Angeles — and now we have even more good news:

More than 1,000 Subway locations are now dishing out the popular all-vegan Black Bean and Malibu Garden subs — in addition to DC and Los Angeles, you can find these vegan subs at participating locations in Connecticut and Southern Florida!

That’s right: Subway continues to roll out its vegan menu in more cities, which means your requests for healthier and more humane options nationwide are being heard!

Through COK’s campaign website,, thousands of consumers have been asking for protein-packed vegan options, and the company is responding. Subway is proudly promoting its new vegan menu in participating stores, plus it’s placing advertisements, like this one encouraging you to “Get Your Vegan On!” in a Washington, DC newspaper.

This is good news for consumers and animals!  The easier it is to find vegan options in the mainstream marketplace, the easier it is to empower others to choose vegan options.

If these subs are not yet available at a Subway near you, be sure to keep asking so the company knows you’re eager to see this vegan menu offered nationwide.

Then take the next step by reaching out to even more companies to ask for vegan options!