Burger King Reigns Over Meatless Market with New Impossible Whopper

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UPDATE: After a successful trial in St. Louis, Burger King is now planning to roll out the Impossible Whopper nationwide this year. By 2020, Impossible Whoppers should be available in all 7,000+ stores.

After MorningStar Farms’ announcement that the vegetarian line would be going fully vegan, there was a lot of speculation over whether Burger King, which currently carries a MorningStar burger patty, would be adopting the new product and offering a vegan burger option.

Though the fast-food giant has not commented on its ongoing relationship with MorningStar, it did announce a big plant-based development: Burger King will be offering The Impossible Whopper, its signature burger with a vegan patty from Impossible Foods.  

We’re hoping this news, announced on April first, isn’t a prank. After a trial in the St. Louis area, the Impossible Whopper could be available in over 7,200 locations nationwide.

Though the classic Whopper comes with animal-derived mayonnaise, it looks like vegans will be able to go without the mayo for a totally plant-based burger.

This news is another big win for sweet cows who are raised in cruel conditions before being violently slaughtered for beef. Plus, this burger will provide a healthier option for anyone on the go. According to the New York Times, “the Burger King version of the Impossible burger will have about the same amount of protein as the regular Whopper, with 15 percent less fat and 90 percent less cholesterol”.

With this tasty development, Burger King is reigning over the vegan fast-food market. Millions of people are waking up to the cruel realities of animal agriculture and opting for more compassionate options, and companies are starting to take heed.

So–who’s next? Compassion Over Killing is asking Tyson Foods and McDonald’s to leap ahead and step into the plant-based revolution instead of being left in the dust. Sign the petition today to encourage the companies to follow Burger King’s example and offer a vegan burger.

Photo: Burger King