PROGRESS: Dunkin’ Launches Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich in Manhattan

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Coffee giant Dunkin’ has joined the ranks of fast-food restaurants offering plant-based meat options by debuting a Beyond Meat sausage breakfast sandwich in all Manhattan locations. Though this sandwich unfortunately comes with eggs and cheese, the new item points toward Dunkin’s further involvement in the plant-based arena. 

Nearly 20,000 people have signed Animal Outlook’s petition urging Dunkin’ to take the leap and offer a vegan donut–and Dunkin’ is listening. Just two months ago, Dunkin CEO David Hoffmann announced that it had big plans to roll out a vegan breakfast meat option. Shortly after Hoffman spilled the beans, Animal Outlook attended the coffee giant’s annual shareholder meeting to ask for a vegan donut, where he told us that the plant-based arena is something that Dunkin’ will not only enter — but win. 

Meanwhile, other fast-food joints like Burger King and Qdoba are rolling out menu items with Beyond competitor Impossible Foods. But Dunkin’ has opted to use vegan Beyond Meat, which has shocked investors with its surging stock, reaching an all-time high of $208.48 this week. Meanwhile, Dunkin’s stock has risen this year as well as it has edited both its name and menu.

Many excited supporters guessed the new option would feature Beyond Meat — and they were correct. Today, Dunkin’ announced new breakfast sandwiches featuring Beyond Sausage patties at its Manhattan locations with the intention to expand nationwide. Doing so makes Dunkin’ the first breakfast giant to make such great strides for animals and the planet. 

This is great news for cows, pigs and chickens who suffer on meat industry factory farms–but dairy cows and laying hens continue to languish for egg and cheese production. 

So why stop here? By offering a vegan donut too, Dunkin’ could position itself as the number one breakfast destination for the millions of consumers who are looking to eat more plant-based foods. Be sure to keep the demand by thanking the coffee giant on it’s most recent Instagram post and encouraging Dunkin’ to roll out a vegan donut next.

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