Five Ways to Take Part in VegWeek’s 15th Anniversary

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This year’s VegWeek is just around the corner, and we need your help to spread the word and encourage more people to use this opportunity to save animals by eating vegan for a week or more.

Animal Outlook’s first ever VegWeek took place in 2009, and since then, we’ve empowered thousands of people to take the VegPledge and pledge to try something new by eating vegan for a week or longer.

Eating vegan is the most impactful and effective way we can take action to protect animals, the environment and our own health. The statistics show that one person really can make a difference by going vegan. Every single day, a vegan saves approximately:

  • One animal life
  • 1,100 gallons of water, and
  • 30 square feet of forest

So imagine the impact we could make if everybody ate vegan for a whole week or more.

That’s why VegWeek is so important.

This year’s VegWeek will take place from April 15 – 21, in the week before Earth Day. During VegWeek, we’ll be sharing recipes, giving away prizes and celebrating our animal friends and how eating vegan is such a powerful way to stand up for them.

Here’s how you can take part in VegWeek 2024:

1. Take the VegPledge

If you haven’t yet done so, take the VegPledge. By signing up, you’ll receive all the information about VegWeek, including a week-long series of emails throughout the event. 

We’ll also be selecting VegPledgers at random who will win prizes from vegan companies. And if you’re already vegan, you can still take the pledge and simply select the “I’m already vegan” option under “Current diet”.


2. Help us create more vegans

If you’re already vegan, you can pledge to help us grow veganism by securing VegPledges from friends or family members. To sign up, take our Grow Veganism Pledge

Prizes from vegan companies are also available for those who secure the most pledges – just make sure that when the person you recruited takes the pledge, they include your first and last name in the space provided on the VegPledge.


3. Share your support

Share that you’re taking part in VegWeek on social media, and encourage friends and family to join you. VegWeek is all about trying something new, and this can be even more fun when you have other people joining you on such an exciting journey.

We’ve created a selection of images that you can download and include in your social media posts here.


4. Ask your city to take action

Another powerful action you can take to help us spread the word about VegWeek far and wide is writing to your local representatives, asking them to endorse VegWeek. 

This is a really important action that local authorities can take as, in recognizing VegWeek, they encourage residents, restaurants, schools, grocery stores, organizations, and other institutions to promote vegan eating.

You can find all the details you’ll need to contact your local representatives here.


5. Get ready to celebrate

After all, VegWeek is a time for celebration. We have so much power in the choices we make every single day, so it’s great that we can choose to stand up for animals, humans and the planets by eating vegan.

So start planning your delicious vegan meals in time for VegWeek. TryVeg is an excellent resource full of tasty and nutritious recipes, you may even want to make dishes together with others who have taken the VegPledge. Luckily, eating vegan is easy, and you can have fun experimenting with all sorts of different recipes.


Together, we can save animals by making compassionate choices and having compassionate conversations. VegWeek is a great time to practice this, alongside thousands of other caring individuals.

We hope you’ll join us for an exciting 15th anniversary of VegWeek.

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