Healthy Vegan Swaps for Veganuary

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It’s the start of the new year and Veganuary is in full swing! It’s no surprise that a growing number of people are looking for simple ways to add plant-based ingredients into their meals: adopting a plant-rich vegan lifestyle is one of the best ways we can protect our health, the planet, and animals.

I was recently invited into WJLA’s Good Morning Washington studio for a live Meatless Monday segment highlighting four easy plant-based swaps to help make your meals delicious and nutritious. Check out the segment below and keep reading for more tips and recipe ideas!

Jessica on Good Morning Washington's Meatless Monday segment.

Watch the Good Morning Washington Meatless Monday segment here:

Moo-ve over Greek yogurt. Here comes chia pudding parfait!

Ready to finally give dairy the boot in 2020? Many people have a hard time digesting dairy, plus dairy production is laden with cruelty to animals and environmental destruction. It’s time to give chia pudding a try! Chia seeds are loaded with brain- and body-boosting nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids and calcium. They also a great source of fiber to keep you satisfied all morning long. Throw in some berries to add tartness and an extra round of antioxidants. Granola adds some crunch and a sweet balance for a morning meal.

2.  Say “no cheese” for a picture perfect cheesy meal!

Another pro tip for a delicious dairy-free option? Make creamy sauces using steamed pumpkin, potatoes, cauliflower or squash! This creamy butternut squash pasta has double the dairy-free cheesy flavor thanks to nutritional yeast. The creamy sauce is naturally low in fat and cholesterol free. It’s blended with almond milk to achieve its velvety texture. The vegan Parmesan sprinkles that top the dish contain only three ingredients: sunflower seeds, sea salt, and nutritional yeast.  It looks and tastes like comfort food but is packed with nutrients like beta-carotene, vitamin B-6, and vitamin E.

Where’s the beef? Not here! Try beefless veggie crumbles for your next #TacoTuesday.

Looking for ideas to follow your Meatless Monday? Try Taco Tuesday — made with beefless crumbles of course — and we bet no one will even know the difference! You can find a variety of veggie beef options in the frozen and refrigerated sections of most major grocery store chains.  Studies have linked beef consumption to common chronic diseases like heart disease and high cholesterol. Many of the new beefless crumbles on the market are made from protein-rich combinations of peas and legumes which are high in fiber and heart-healthy.

Give fish their freedom and bite into jackfruit instead!

Jackfruit is a tropical fruit that has a naturally flaky texture, making it a great alternative to fish. These jackfruit bites are infused with seafood flavor thanks to Old Bay Seasoning and seaweed salt. This dish is gluten free and achieves a crispy coating with a fraction of the fat by dredging the jackfruit bites in a mixture of cornmeal and potato starch then lightly dabbing each side with grapeseed oil before baking in an oven until golden brown. The kelp flakes in this dish are a also great source of iodine, iron, and magnesium.

Choose a healthy and compassionate lifestyle!

As you can see, there are so many delicious dishes that you can enjoy with family and friends that can help you feel healthier, without causing any harm to animals! Animal agriculture causes unnecessary suffering for billions of animals across the globe every year. Choosing plant-based alternatives is a nutritious way to save money, preserve the earth’s resources, and be more compassionate to all living creatures.

Want to learn more about the truth of where cow’s milk come from? Check out Compassion Over Killing’s investigation at Martin Farms in Pennsylvania.

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