Three Delicious Chicken-Free Recipes

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bonafide-chicken-gabrielle-st-clair-edgy-vegSome may think of fried chicken as a crunchy, flavorful, American picnic tradition. But the experience is a lot less enjoyable for the chickens themselves.

The truth is, this popular food is the product of unimaginable cruelty. A recent Compassion Over Kiling investigation found horrific abuse happening at Tyson contract chicken breeding farms; Tyson is a major supplier to KFC, McDonald’s, and other big chicken-selling chains.

So, if you love fried chicken — but hate animal abuse — we’re happy to report that it’s totally possible to have one without the other! Try these amazing vegan fried chicken recipes, and you’ll never miss their cholesterol- and cruelty-filled counterparts.

Cruelty-Free Chicken (CFC) Drumsticks

These jackfruit-and-cauliflower creations look and taste just like the real thing — but there’s no animals involved. The creative recipe was dreamed up by home cook Zacchary Bird, and it’s been all over Instagram since its inception.

The recipe involves a wildly flavorful spice batter (much like KFC’s), canned jackfruit, cauliflower, chicken-style stock, and several other ingredients, all combined to create an amazingly realistic plant-based drumstick.

Vegan Popeye’s Bonafide Chicken

Aside from KFC, Popeye’s is probably the most popular chicken purveyor. And the Edgy Veg (aka Candice Hutchings) has a match for its famous fry.

Candice is all about re-creating carnivorous recipes, and her version of Popeye’s nuggets (seen above) uses wheat gluten, nutritional yeast, and an array of other easy-to-find ingredients to match the fast food flavor. Fry these up, and no one will ever know the difference.

Vegan Fried Chicken and Waffles

If you’re into that epic combo known as fried chicken and waffles — there’s a vegan version of that, too. Eat, Drink, Shrink (powered by Gabrielle St. Clair)’s crowd (and kid)-pleasing recipe is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Using tofu, Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg, and hot sauce, Gabrielle whips up an uber-realistic chicken creation. The waffles have a rosemary-truffled-maple syrup twist, which makes this dish an extra special version of that fried food favorite.

Photo: The Edgy Veg

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