Biggest VegWeek Ever: More than 9K People Take the VegPledge

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VegWeek 2018 has been a sweet and savory success, inspiring more people than ever — a record-breaking 9,300 VegPledgers — to explore the flavorful and fun world of plant-based eating for at least seven days! Thanks to our nearly 600 recruiters who empowered friends and family to take the VegPledge, compassionate celebrity Endorsers, our incredible Sponsors and Partners, a bright …

Sweet VegWeek 2017 Success!

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VegWeek 2017 has been a sweet success, empowering thousands of people to explore meatless eating thanks to the hundreds of people who recruited friends and family to join the fun, and our amazing VegWeek Endorsers and Partners who offered motivation and encouragement! Here are a few highlights from the VegWeek food and fun. Thousands Explore Veg Eating From April 17 through April …

It’s Earth Week! Take a Bite Out of Climate Change

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It’s Earth Week – and almost Earth Day (April 22)! Study after study confirms that animal agriculture is a leading cause of environmental degradation. Nine billion farmed animals are killed for us to eat each year — in the US alone, most suffering in confinement and filthy conditions on factory farms. This mass-scale animal farming is not only devastating to the …

2 Ways You Can Help Pigs on National Pig Day

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It’s National Pig Day! Did you know that pigs have excellent long-term memories? That they can learn what a mirror image is? Read more about these remarkably intelligent and social animals and what they have to say. They’re even smarter than dogs, the beloved companion animals with whom so many of us share our homes! Still, sadly, more than 115 million …

Sen. Cory Booker: You Can Bet Your Broccoli He’s Vegan!

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This past April, US Senator Cory Booker enthusiastically lent his support to COK’s annual US VegWeek celebration with the message: “I’m a vegetarian every day and [US VegWeek] is my birthday week. You can bet your broccoli I’m in!” Now, he’s taking his commitment to protecting his health, the planet, and animals one step further: Earlier this week, Sen. Booker …

elected officials

70+ Elected Officials Put Meat-Free Eating on the Political Map for US VegWeek

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There are 52 weeks in a year. Why not make at least one of them meat-free? That’s the idea behind COK’s US VegWeek campaign, which launched in 2009 thanks to the inspiration of Maryland State Senator Jamie Raskin. Sen. Raskin was the first lawmaker to sign our 7-Day VegPledge, proudly noting that his participation helps “align my morals with my menu.”  His …


Gardein Grows with Gluten-Free Line

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We always say that eating vegan doesn’t mean sacrifice — it simply means eating the vegan versions of your favorite foods! That’s why Gardein, purveyor of plant-based meats from chick’n to “beef” to a new fish fillet, is a staple in our kitchens. Now the company has taken one more step to cater to its hungry and health-conscious customers, releasing a new gluten-free …

US VegWeek

US VegWeek Success: Thousands Go Meat-Free for a Week!

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Vegan Baking Our fifth annual US VegWeek wrapped up on Sunday, and it was a resounding success!

The weeklong celebration highlighting the many benefits and flavors of vegetarian eating included more than 3,500 people from coast to coast taking our 7-Day VegPledge, 140 restaurant specials offered in 21 states, 150 events held in 33 states, and more media coverage than ever before.

Earth Day

US VegWeek 2013 Kicks Off Today – Earth Day!

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Today marks the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day, a day intended to encourage individuals to take meaningful actions in their everyday lives that, collectively, contribute to preserving the planet. But in the words of late Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson who founded Earth Day, “Our goal is not just an environment of clean air and water and scenic beauty. The objective is an environment of decency, quality and mutual respect for all other human beings and all other living creatures.”