Sen. Cory Booker: You Can Bet Your Broccoli He’s Vegan!

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This past April, US Senator Cory Booker enthusiastically lent his support to COK’s annual US VegWeek celebration with the message: “I’m a vegetarian every day and [US VegWeek] is my birthday week. You can bet your broccoli I’m in!”

Now, he’s taking his commitment to protecting his health, the planet, and animals one step further: Earlier this week, Sen. Booker shared on twitter: “I’ve decided to try being a vegan – at least until the end of the year.”

In 2011, while serving as Mayor of Newark, Booker publicly discussed why he’s a vegetarian, explaining that his decision to choose a meat-free diet aligned with his sympathies towards animals and was part of his anti-cruelty campaign.

Serving in public office, Booker has built a record of bringing individuals and communities together around tough challenges and delivering results that are improving people’s lives.  He gained national attention on several occasions while Mayor of Newark, including when he shoveled snow from an elderly resident’s driveway, ran into a burning house to save his neighbor, invited people without power (after Hurricane Sandy) to sleep in his home, and rescued a dog left outside in sub-freezing temperatures. It was also recently reported that he gave 81% of his income to charity last year.

After announcing that he’s giving vegan eating a try, Booker then tweeted out this quote from Gandhi:


Cory Booker tweets about his recent choice to go vegan.

COK’s 2014 US VegWeek celebration is putting vegetarian eating on the political map, garnering support from more than 70 elected representatives across the US who took our 7-day Veg Pledge. In addition to Booker now shifting from his dietary choices from vegetarian to vegan, US VegWeek participant Congressman Ted Deutch from Florida shared his story this past September about why he’s now vegan. This was featured in the Sun Sentinel with the headline: First, Florida’s Sun Sentinel featured an article “Going vegan was winning move for South Florida congressman.”

Politics aside, each of us can vote for animals as well as our health and the planet every day simply by choosing vegan foods.  Start today:

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