Biggest VegWeek Ever: More than 9K People Take the VegPledge

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VegWeek 2018 has been a sweet and savory success, inspiring more people than ever — a record-breaking 9,300 VegPledgers — to explore the flavorful and fun world of plant-based eating for at least seven days!

Thanks to our nearly 600 recruiters who empowered friends and family to take the VegPledge, compassionate celebrity Endorsers, our incredible Sponsors and Partners, a bright media spotlight, and more, VegWeek 2018 has helped thousands of people turn over a new leaf!

Let’s look back at all the VegWeek fun! Here are just a few highlights:

fruit and vegetables Empowering Thousands to Try Vegan

From April 16-22, an incredible 9,306 people took the 7-Day VegPledge, exploring the joys of plant-based eating. Our pledgers enjoyed a total of more than 28,000 meatless meals every single day throughout VegWeek!

jessica carterCompassionate Cuisine

COK’s Vegan Food & Lifestyle Coach, Jessica Carter sent daily emails to help our VegPledgers keep up their meatless momentum, serving up simple and delicious vegan recipes, fun cooking videos, and more. Jessica also kicked off the week with an exciting segment on Good Morning Washington!

alicia silverstoneCelebrity Inspiration

Encouraging their fans and followers to take the VegPledge with them were compassionate celebrities and public figures including Alicia Silverstone (who penned a VegPledge call-to-action on her blog, The Kind Life), Mya, Grey, Belinda Carlisle, Daisy Fuentes, Grey, Lauren Toyota, Alexandra Paul, Remy, Richie Kul, and other stars.

torre washingtonPlant-Powered Athletes

Pro-sports stars joined VegWeek to tout the many health benefits of plant-based eating and crush the myth that you can’t get plenty of protein from plants. Our athlete Endorsers include surfer Tia Blanco, bodybuilder Torre Washington, and Olympic cyclist & Switch 4 Good Founder Dotsie Bausch.

apple earthPledges for the Planet

We make Earth Week a VegWeek to highlight the powerful and positive impact of a plant-based diet on the planet we call home! Animal agriculture is a leading cause of environmental destruction, but by pledging for VegWeek, thousands stood up for the planet each time they sat down to eat throughout their pledge.

plant growthCreating Change

We hear from many happy VegPledgers who are feeling so good after their VegWeek experience that they choose to keep on reducing or eliminating meat and other animal products from their diets.

See inspiring VegPledger feedback below:

  • “I am continuing to eat a plant based diet afterwards and I don’t see myself going back to eating animal products. It was the perfect jumpstart to something I have been wanting to do for a long time.”
  • “The recipes were very helpful! We are mostly vegetarian anyway, but the recipes showed us how many options are available that we were unaware of before.”
  • “This year I decided to pledge for all of April and I’ve loved exploring more meat-free options.”
  • “I definitely plan on having a vegan lifestyle from here on out! Thank you for your support!”

Whether you take the 7-Day VegPledge or eat plant-based meals throughout the year, you are making a difference for animals, the planet, and your health.

Together, we’re changing the world one bite at a time! Visit for recipes, tips, blogs, and so much more to help you get started.

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