How Undercover Videos are Saving Lives & Changing the World

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COK’s brave undercover investigators are on an immensely important mission: to expose the truth about farmed animal abuse. They are our only eyes and ears into the secret and very dark world of factory farming, and they’re the animals’ only hope of shining a bright light on the hidden horrors they’re forced to endure everyday.

Our powerful investigations have garnered award-winning national and international media coverage, including on CNN, ABC Nightly News, in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, UK’s Daily Mail and more — exposing millions of people, perhaps for the very first time, to the miseries endured by cows, pigs, and birds raised for food.

Our investigations are challenging the status quo of agribusiness and creating change by prompting:

  • federal authorities to temporarily shut down a dairy cow slaughterhouse
  • a chicken and duck hatchery to cease operations
  • chicken factory farm to shutter its doors
  • criminal cruelty charges being filed
  • local authorities to impound animals and send them to sanctuaries
  • exposés on and lawsuits filed to challenge so-called humane animal care claims on retail marketing

CNN-Money-screen-shotNone of this would be possible without courageous investigators who are willing to risk it all by going undercover behind closed doors with hidden cameras.

Simply stated: investigators are true heroes in every sense of the word — yet because of the nature of their jobs, they must keep their names and faces away from the spotlight. They’re unable to receive the public praise they so much deserve.

So we asked you to send them inspiring messages of appreciation — and thousands of you responded. Here are just a few powerful comments we wanted to share:

“Thank you for what you’re doing. Today I became vegan. Your efforts are working.”

“Thank you for your difficult work. You are making the world a much better place!”

“I became vegan because of people like you showing me the realities of factory farming. The animals I have not eaten in the past three months thank you.”

“Without this kind of investigation I would never have known the horrors behind my favourite chicken and burgers. Now I know and am going Vegan! If more people can see the truth then things could change for the better.”

“Your investigations are the reason I haven’t eaten meat in several years.”

“It’s because of people like you that I became a vegetarian last year. You are literally changing the world.” 

Want to send your own message to our investigators? Your postive feedback means the world to them!

They need your support now more than ever. Please donate today to keep their cameras rolling so together we can continuing exposing the cruelties that the meat, egg, and dairy industries are so desperate to hide.

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