‘Injured Chickens’ Race from Cruelty at Tyson’s Hometown Marathon

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Two costumed “injured chickens” limped in the annual Hogeye Marathon sponsored by Tyson Foods in Springdale, the poultry giant’s hometown, on April 14th, urging Tyson to move toward plant protein, as consumers flock away from animal cruelty.

Joining the “birds” representing the hundreds of millions of real chickens suffering for Tyson products every year, Compassion Over Killing (COK) volunteers were rallying along the sidelines, carrying signs reading:

Tyson: End crippling rapid growth in birds!”

“Consumers are running from cruelty. Don’t be the last to the finish line: Shift to plant protein!”

Further stretching the wingspan of the campaign, geo-targeted mobile ads reached all of Springdale.

A recent COK investigation exposed heartbreaking abuse of birds, including the painful effects of rapid growth, in Tyson’s supply chain. Bred to grow unnaturally large, extremely fast, Tyson’s birds can suffer heart attacks and their fragile legs often collapse under the weight of their own morbidly obese bodies.

While Tyson has taken promising steps, including the announcement of its line of plant-based bowls and increasing its investment in plant protein maker Beyond Meat, the poultry giant has yet to address this major source of animal suffering.

“Compassion Over Killing’s bird-costumed volunteers surely ruffled feathers at Tyson today, serving food for thought: To be a true leader, Tyson must end its torturous tradition of rapid growth and shift toward the future, plant protein.”

– Laura Cascada, Corporate Campaigns Mgr., Compassion Over Killing

 Consumers aren’t just walking away from cruelly produced meat; they’re running toward kinder, healthier plant-based foods.

In fact, the number of U.S. consumers identifying as vegan increased by 600% in just three years from 2014-2017.

Further demonstrating food’s plant-based future, millennials are driving the soaring demand for vegan options.

See COK’s recent investigation at TysonTruth.com!

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