Singer LP Joins Campaign for Vegan Food at Starbucks Nationwide

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Just before taking the stage in Starbucks’ hometown of Seattle tonight, chart-topping artist LP has sent a message to the company, joining Compassion Over Killing (COK) in asking for vegan foods at Starbucks nationwide! “Lost On You” singer, LP (Laura Pergolizzi), writes: “Hey Starbucks! Let’s give more people access to healthier food. I know there are a lot of existing …

Starbucks: ‘Consumers are Asking’ for Plant-Based Options

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You’ve joined Compassion Over Killing and Jane Velez-Mitchell in asking Starbucks for vegan foods, and the coffee chain is responding with new menu items — from a protein-packed lentil bowl to a new cupcake! The addition of these vegan offerings, along with multiple dairy-free milks for coffee, are the result of demand from thousands and thousands of compassionate consumers, and …


Victory: New Vegan Cupcake at Starbucks

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Thousands of compassionate consumers like you have joined Animal Outlook and Jane Velez-Mitchell in asking for vegan foods at Starbucks — and the coffee chain has responded by adding new items to its menu. This summer, Starbucks debuted a protein-packed vegan lentil bowl, which quickly sold out at some locations due to high demand. The addition followed dairy-free milks (almond, …

VIDEO: Take Jane Velez-Mitchell’s Starbucks Cup Challenge

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What’s all the buzz about? Tomorrow = National Coffee Day. In celebration, journalist and animal activist extraordinaire Jane Velez-Mitchell is teaming up with Animal Outlook to kick off her brand-new Starbucks Cup Challenge and turn up the heat for vegan food at locations nationwide. In our new video creating a buzz on social media, Jane shows you a quick and easy …

Pret’s Best-Selling New Dishes are Vegan

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Around the world, more and more consumers are ordering and shopping meatless, and the food industry’s serving up more vegan foods to get in on this growing market. Pret is no exception, and this international restaurant chain is seeing the ever-sprouting popularity of plant-based foods: “The top-selling eight new products at Veggie Pret are all vegan…which either shows that vegan …

Campaign Progress: Starbucks Debuts Protein-Packed Vegan Bowl!

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Thanks to a campaign by Compassion Over Killing and Jane Velez-Mitchell, and thousands of requests from compassionate coffee consumers like you, Starbucks has offered dairy-free milks — almond, soy, and coconut! — for beverages, and added vegan sides, snacks, and a breakfast option. But COK and our supporters have continued urging Starbucks to add hearty, filling, vegan foods — and the chain, …

Campaign Progress: Starbucks Adds Vegan Breakfast Option!

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With requests pouring in from compassionate coffee consumers looking for animal-friendly options, Starbucks has taken several positive steps, including being one of the first US coffee chains to offer soy milk. Compassion Over Killing (COK) has been urging the company to take next steps by adding vegan foods to its menu, via our petition we launched with Jane Velez-Mitchell. After hearing from …


Dunkin’ & Starbucks Keep Expanding Vegan Menus

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Thanks to campaigns led by Animal Outlook and requests from compassionate consumers, in 2014 Dunkin’, the world’s largest coffee and baked goods chain, added almond milk to about 75 percent of its locations — and Starbucks, one of the first national coffee chains to offer soy milk, has told us that it’s exploring vegan food options. Now cows and consumers …


Dairy Industry Tries to Squash the Rise of Almond Milk

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Dairy industry in downward spiral While milk consumption declines with each generation — it’s down 37 percent since the 1970s and keeps dropping — demand for plant-based milks is on the rise.  In fact, the market for dairy-free foods is projected to reach $20 billion by 2020. This growing demand isn’t going unnoticed by the industry.  On a positive note, industry …