Victory: New Vegan Cupcake at Starbucks

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Thousands of compassionate consumers like you have joined Animal Outlook and Jane Velez-Mitchell in asking for vegan foods at Starbucks — and the coffee chain has responded by adding new items to its menu.

This summer, Starbucks debuted a protein-packed vegan lentil bowl, which quickly sold out at some locations due to high demand. The addition followed dairy-free milks (almond, soy and coconut) for drinks, as well as plant-based snacks and a breakfast option.

Now, some Starbucks customers can enjoy a new sweet treat with their coffee. Starbucks is now serving a vegan cupcake in South Florida.

Latest Vegan News reports that the new baked good, being served at selection locations, is a passion fruit cupcake from Miami’s Bunnie Cakes.

The bakery’s owner, Mariana Cortez, told the blog, “This proves to me that we are changing the way we see things, the way we eat. Years ago I couldn’t find a vegan cake for my son in Miami, today we are partnering with one the biggest business in the U.S.”

Starbucks is indeed one of many companies acting on massive demand as consumers increasingly turn away from meat, dairy and eggs. Our campaigns have prompted plant-based options at mainstream chains including Subway, Dunkin’, Pita Pit and more.

Starbucks, the nation’s largest coffee chain — which has told us that it’s working on meat-, dairy- and egg-free options — has the opportunity to serve delicious, animal-friendly foods to million of consumers across the country.

Photo: Bunnie Cakes

Act Now:

  • If you’re in South Florida, stop in to Starbucks and enjoy a plant-based cupcake to show the growing demand for such options.
  • Take Jane Velez-Mitchell’s Starbucks Cup Challenge.
  • Sign & share our petition to keep putting pressure on Starbucks for more plant-based foods nationwide.

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