Starbucks: ‘Consumers are Asking’ for Plant-Based Options

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You’ve joined Compassion Over Killing and Jane Velez-Mitchell in asking Starbucks for vegan foods, and the coffee chain is responding with new menu items — from a protein-packed lentil bowl to a new cupcake!

The addition of these vegan offerings, along with multiple dairy-free milks for coffee, are the result of demand from thousands and thousands of compassionate consumers, and Starbucks is now looking to this ever-growing plant-based market as an important way to grow, with stocks recently slumping.

VegNews reports that Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson pointed to a strategy to increase sales by offering more plant-based beverages and foods. Johnson named “plant-based modifiers, including almond, coconut, and soy milk alternatives” as one of Starbucks’ fast-growing areas that it will focus on, adding “Not only are these fast growing platforms highly relevant to our customers, our research demonstrates that they also provide a significant opportunity to drive [sales] outside of our core morning sales window.”

Another Starbucks rep said, “Plant-based beverages and alternatives [are a] big area of opportunity for us and our customers are asking for it.”

Starbucks is one of many major retailers and chains brewing up vegan options to meet soaring consumer demand. COK continues to urge Starbucks to add hearty vegan foods to its menu because, as the nation’s largest coffee chain, it has the power to reach millions of people with plant-based options.

Help us keep the pressure on Starbucks to offer vegan foods nationwide! Here’s what you can do:


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