Pret’s Best-Selling New Dishes are Vegan

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Around the world, more and more consumers are ordering and shopping meatless, and the food industry’s serving up more vegan foods to get in on this growing market.

Pret is no exception, and this international restaurant chain is seeing the ever-sprouting popularity of plant-based foods:

“The top-selling eight new products at Veggie Pret are all vegan…which either shows that vegan dishes can be just as delicious as veggie dishes, or we have underestimated how strong the vegan movement is,” a Pret rep tells Forbes.

In fact, when the international restaurant chain opened its first of three all-vegetarian Veggie Pret locations in the UK, sales soared by 70%.

This soaring global demand has also prompted Pret to offer options at its locations in the US, too — including vegan dishes like Miso Sweet Potato Banh Mi, Spicy Black Bean & Mango Wrap, Mediterranean Mezze Salad, and more.

Compassion Over Killing has helped to prompt mainstream chains nationwide to offer more plant-based options, from almond milk at Dunkin’ Donuts (now, ask Dunkin’ for a vegan donut to dunk!) to vegan sandwiches at Subway.

And thanks to a COK campaign with Jane Velez-Mitchell, and requests from thousands of compassionate consumers like you, Starbucks now has a protein-packed (23 grams!) vegan lentil bowl in select locations, in addition to dairy-free milks for coffee available across the US.

Join us in pouring the pressure on Starbucks to keep offering hearty vegan foods nationwide. Sign & share our petition today!

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