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Memorial Day Weekend: BBQ Season Begins

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There’s something about Memorial Day weekend that just spells SUMMER. And for me, summertime has always been about spending as much time as possible poolside, lingering with family and friends into the cool evening hours — which means lots of opportunities for grilling outdoors. 

In contrast to Texan barbecues I later encountered during my days in Houston and Austin, the barbecues of my childhood meant hamburgers, hot dogs and a variety of cold salads. And, if you were lucky, some fresh Jersey corn from a roadside farm stand to go with it. 

This holiday weekend, many of us will have at least one outdoor get-together on the schedule. Here are a few suggestions about how to update the traditional BBQ fare:

Beyond burgers are the go-to for a traditional burger experience. My personal preference still is for the more obvious vegetable patties: Dr. Praeger’s Burgers are a staple at my house year-round, but there are probably several products to choose from in your market’s frozen food section. Also, you might want to try this simple recipe for portobello mushroom burgers. Did someone order a cheeseburger? Try American or Pepper Jack Slices by Follow Your Heart or the Cheddar and Provolone slices by Violife

Hot Dogs
Field Roast Frankfurters and Lightlife Smart Dogs are both good options. Whether you’re a mustard and sauerkraut girl like me, or prefer relish or jalapenos (my husband’s favorite fixin’), these vegan hot dogs are sure to please. Field Roast also makes a “Signature Stadium Dog” for when you’re cheering on your team during those summertime baseball games.

As an Italian-American, I grew up with sausage sandwiches smothered with onions and peppers. From time to time, I’m happy to recreate this piece of my childhood using the Italian sausages by Field Roast. This grain sausage is a blend of fresh eggplant seasoned with fennel, red wine, garlic and sweet peppers – molto delicioso!

Potato Salad/Coleslaw
You can keep these traditional sides for the table with one easy switch: substitute your mayo for Vegenaise egg-free mayo, and you’re good to go! For those of you allergic to soy, there’s even a soy-free version.

While we take time on this holiday to honor those who have given their lives in service to our country, human and nonhuman, we here at Animal Outlook wish everyone a lovely weekend with family and friends. 

Sharon Discorfano, Chief Operating Officer

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