Google Going for Lower Carbon Footprint with Plant-Based Lunches

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Plant-based foods have already become a huge hit with Google employees. The company teamed up with Chopt Creative Salad Company on a fresh “veggie lab” in California, a vegetable-packed menu on Google’s New York campus, and more.

Now Google is searching for a lower carbon footprint by offering even more eco-friendly plant-based food choices to its team and serving less meat.

The tech giant has reportedly added vegan burgers, pho, and a new taco packed “with kimchi and Korean-spiced sautéed mushrooms, topped with an avocado-cashew cream” to its lunch menu.

Yum! That sounds delicious, but you don’t have to work at Google to find tasty and planet-friendly vegan foods. Visit for recipes and more. Plus, there are more vegan options than ever before in restaurants and stores nationwide.

And it’s more important than ever that we stand up for the planet each time we sit down to a meal, because the science is clear: animal agriculture is a leading cause of environmental degradation.  Nine billion farmed animals are killed for us to eat each year — in the US alone, most in intense confinement and filthy conditions on factory farms.

So put on your superhero capes, say “moo-ve over meat“, and take a bite out of climate change! Want tips to get you started? Download or order our newly updated Eating Sustainably guide – FREE!

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