Five Documentaries That Will Get You To Try Veg

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Are you curious about trying a vegan diet and looking for that final push to give it a shot? Are you already vegan, but looking for a documentary to recommend to your veg-curious friends? Here are our top five documentaries to inspire you or your friends to Try Veg. Vegucated Vegucated is a feature-length documentary that follows three meat- and …

‘Okja’ Inspires Vegan Searches to Spike

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“Okja” is changing the way people look at food. The film’s release on Netflix has inspired Google searches for “vegan” to spike by 65 percent. “Okja” came out in mid-May and according to Google Trends, searches were shooting upwards by late June, meaning more people were searching for info about a vegan lifestyle. A Netflix production, the film has been …

chicken industry

Powerful Documentary Blows Whistle on Chicken Industry

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Fusion TV just released an in-depth investigative documentary exposing the underbelly of the chicken industry – from the abuse and neglect forced upon animals to the unfair conditions endured by contractors to marketing claims that are misleading consumers. The documentary is based on Craig Watts, a North Carolina contract farmer who has raised chickens for Perdue since the early 1990’s, …

mark devries

Rethinking Boundaries: An Interview with Mark Devries the Director of Speciesism

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In today’s food production world, it’s not uncommon for tens of thousands of animals to be crammed inside massive windowless sheds. This is considered “modern” factory farming. But what really happens behind these closed doors, and how can any human justify the cruelties involved in animal agriculture? In Speciesism: The Movie, Director Mark Devries takes viewers inside this hidden world while also exploring the human psyche to understand why our species chooses not to extend basic rights to all species. Mark took time recently to talk with us about the film (trailer embedded below) and the broader issue of speciesism.