Two New Vegan Documentaries Highlighting Vegan Eating!

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This spring & summer, encouraging a friend or family member to choose vegan foods can be as easy as taking them to a movie, thanks to two new vegan documentaries highlighting the benefits of vegan eating: Forks Over Knives and Planeat.

In Forks Over Knives, renowned nutritional researchers Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn discuss how their groundbreaking research found a link between animal products and certain chronic diseases, including heart disease and cancer. Viewers hear from a number of once-ill individuals who are now living a healthy, happy plant-based life. Visit to find a local screening.

Planeat is another new documentary in theaters now that promotes the many benefits of vegan eating. From interviewing chefs at top vegan restaurants such as Pure Food & Wine in New York City and Saf in London to sitting down with researchers to discuss the impacts of our dietary choices on the environment, Planeat highlights just how easy it is to find delicious vegan fare and why it’s so important for the planet and our health.

So whether you’re concerned about your health, the environment, or animals, this summer, grab a date, some vegan-friendly popcorn, and share one of these great new vegan documentaries with a vegetarian-to-be friend or family member.

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