Ghosts in our Machine

The Ghosts in our Machine Debuts in the US this Fall

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You’ve probably been hearing the buzz and soon you’ll get to see what the rave reviews are all about: the award-winning documentary The Ghosts in our Machine may soon hit US theaters in select markets.

This stunningly filmed documentary tells story of individual animals living within – and many who are rescued from — the “machine” of our modern exploitative world. They are the “ghosts” suffering silently on factory farms, fur farms, vivisection labs and other animal-abusing industries. Their stories unfold through the lens of acclaimed animal photographer Jo-Anne McArthur as she witnesses and documents the lives of these animals and sheds  light on the routine cruelties inflicted upon them.

The Ghosts in our Machine first premiered in Canada earlier this year, and it’s currently planning for an Oscar-eligible release in LA and NYC this fall — if they can raise enough funds via its IndieGogo campaign.  Their goal is to reach “beyond the choir,” to encourage general audiences to start a social and more dialogue about these important issues.

The film has already garnered significant praise from notable individuals:

“All animals have the capacity to feel fear and pain, and this film does a stunning job of evoking that universal capacity and compels the viewer to ask why we humans, who are the cause of all this needless suffering, allow it to continue.  That, I believe, is the film’s greatest achievement and what makes it unique.  THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE is a vital film that needed to be made at this point in history, and has been made magnificently.” – James Cromwell

“Through this film, the ghosts of the billions of animals that have been abused and slaughtered at the hands of humans will be given a voice. My hope is that their voice will awaken the empathy that is within all of us.” – Leilani Munter

Visit to learn more about this eye-opening documentary, watch the trailer, and lend your support.

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