The Last Pig: A Former Pig Farmer’s Moving Story as He Leaves Animals Off His Plate

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The Last Pig, a powerful documentary by award-winning filmmaker Allison Argo, has been inspiring global audiences, screening at film festivals around the world.

Compassion Over Killing was lucky to have gotten to see this moving film, which is now available for community screenings with the help of VegFund (start planning a screening near you today)!

The film follows former pig farmer Bob Comis, who now grows vegetables, throughout his very last year of raising and sending pigs to slaughter, as he comes to a powerful realization: that he now sees no difference between eating the trusting pigs he raised and eating other animals, like the dog he loves.

“I’ve come to realize that pigs have the same depth and range of emotions and intelligence as dogs. We grow up not eating dogs; we grow up not eating horses. Nowhere in our experience is there any deliberation about…is it okay to eat the pig? It no longer makes sense to me to eat the pig and not the dog…so I’ve decided I’m not going to eat either.”

During his journey, he says “Lately, going to the slaughterhouse is almost more than I can bear.” As COK investigators have documented, farmed pigs endure horrific suffering and cruelty, from breeding to slaughter.

Comis came to see that pigs suffer deeply for the food that ends up on our plates — and that these animals are incredibly smart, social, and complex.

“After 10 years of looking into thousands of pig eyes, I’ve come to understand that they’re never vacant. There’s always someone looking back at me. Pigs are incredibly complex beings.”

Viewers will surely be moved to action by Comis’ story: After all, if a pig farmer of many years came to see these animals as friends and not food, and as the intelligent and loving animals deserving of compassion that they are, then so too can the rest of us!

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Then, spread the word about The Last Pig to inspire others to join you! Watch and share the trailer, learn more here, and even find or host a screening near you.

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