VegWeek 2012 Kicks Off on April 23 – Take the Veg Pledge!

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Veg Pledge

If you’ve thought about eating more vegetarian or vegan foods but aren’t sure where to start, then mark your calendar for Monday, April 23 that’s when the fourth annual VegWeek celebration kicks off!

VegWeek 2012 falls right after Earth Day from April 23-29 and is a fun way to highlight the many benefits of vegetarian eating as well as explore a wide variety of meat-free foods. Join the thousands of people nationwide—including elected officials and community leaders—by taking the Veg Pledge and pledging to choose vegetarian foods for seven days.

It’s easy: simply pledge today and you’ll get a free Vegetarian Starter Guide, including recipes and product coupons. Each day of VegWeek you’ll also receive an e-mail with even more meal ideas, nutritional information, product recommendations, and motivational tips. Tweet or share our Facebook page to ask your friends and family to pledge, too!

After all, vegetarian eating is as easy as substituting tangy marinara for meat sauce, opting for black bean burritos instead of beef tacos, or enjoying creamy soy or rice milk in place of cow’s milk. VegWeek offers a wonderful chance to get creative in the kitchenvisit for recipes and a list of items to include in your grocery cart, new-to-you products, and other resources.

Prefer to let others cook for you? Stop by a local veg-friendly restaurant—many of which will be offering VegWeek specials on current or new menu items.

If you’re looking for even more ways to get involved, check out our calendar of events such as cooking demos, bake sales, restaurant benefits, movie screenings, and outreach opportunities. Don’t see something in your area? Organize a leafleting event, feed-in, or reach out to restaurants in your neighborhood to help us promote veg foods!

In 2009 COK launched the first-ever VegWeek, recognized by an official Mayoral Proclamation, in
Takoma Park, Maryland (our hometown). The campaign was inspired by MD Senator Jamie Raskin, the first person to take our 7-day Veg Pledge—a pledge he’s kept to this day! Energized by “aligning
[his] morals with [his] menu,” Sen. Raskin has since helped COK expand VegWeek, first to the entire state of Maryland in 2010, then to Virginia, DC, and California in 2011—and now nationwide!

Choosing vegetarian foods is an easy and delicious way to help animals, the environment, and your health. And with 52 weeks in a year—why not make at least one of them meat-free?

Thanks to our partnering organizations for helping spread the word about VegWeek 2012:

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