‘Okja’ Inspires Vegan Searches to Spike

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Okja” is changing the way people look at food. The film’s release on Netflix has inspired Google searches for “vegan” to spike by 65 percent.

“Okja” came out in mid-May and according to Google Trends, searches were shooting upwards by late June, meaning more people were searching for info about a vegan lifestyle. A Netflix production, the film has been featured prominently on the site’s homepage, reaching millions of viewers.

The flick revolves around genetically-engineered “superpig” Okja and her human companion, Mija. A huge corporation bred Okja for profit, and sees her as nothing more than meat. The film follows the inter-species duo as Mija fights to save her best friend’s life.

The clear similarities between the fictional film and our food system — as well as our close relationships with animals — has inspired countless of people to consider the consequences of their choices. The Independent even said it’s a film that “might just turn you vegan.”

Pigs recognize each other, alert other pigs to danger, and are smarter than dogs. Individuals like Esther the Wonder Pig remind us that they’re friends, not food — just like our beloved dogs and cats — and “Okja” is a clear reminder that the animal agriculture industry sees farm animals as nothing more than commodities.

Google searches for “vegan” are continuing to rise, likely also inspired by “What the Health?”, a documentary newly released on Netflix that discusses the health risks inherent in eating animal products — and touts veganism as the solution.

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