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Millions Seeing Misery Behind McDonald’s Menu in Times Square Ad

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A powerful new video ad is shining the spotlight of Times Square on McDonald’s cruelty, reaching millions of New Yorkers and tourists alike. This weekend, Compassion Over Killing along with Animal Equality, The Humane League, World Animal Protection, Mercy For Animals, and Compassion in World Farming took out a digital billboard exposing the unconscionable treatment of birds in McDonald’s chicken supply line.

The powerful 10-second ad, playing at 1500 Broadway Avenue and 43rd Street, builds on the coalition’s on-going campaign that launched via a full-page open letter in The New York Times in March, urging McDonald’s to adopt meaningful animal protection standards that would significantly reduce the suffering of hundreds of millions of chickens raised and slaughtered for its menu items.

Chickens are kept in filthy, dark sheds with little space to move for the duration of their short lives. But even with the space to move, many birds cannot — painfully trapped inside their own genetically manipulated bodies. Because of breeding for cruel rapid growth, young birds are often unable to carry their own weight and their legs and organs fail to support their bodies. Many will suffer painful medical conditions or die even before they are taken to slaughter at only about six weeks old.

We’re fed up with McDonald’s cruelty to birds. This far-reaching ad builds on momentum around the country, including a recent demonstration of over 220 activists at a Los Angeles McDonald’s telling the fast-food giant: Cruelty won’t fly!

“Under the golden arches, the golden rule does not apply to birds: Millions of chickens raised for the McDonald’s menu are suffering the crippling effects of unnatural rapid growth and living in filthy and intensively crowded conditions,” said Laura Cascada, Director of Corporate Outreach for Compassion Over Killing.

The ad will air at least 60 times a day until October 31, 2018, in an attempt to reach as many of the one million estimated Times Square visitors each day as possible. Furthering the wingspan of this hard-hitting campaign, many more people are being reached on social media.

The moving video of a suffering bird urges viewers to learn more and TAKE ACTION by telling McDonald’s to adopt more meaningful chicken welfare policies at

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