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BOCA Debuts Vegan Turk’y Burger

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As nearly 50,000 people join our campaign, Kraft Heinz has debuted another fully vegan item in their BOCA line: a one-of-a-kind vegan turk’y burger.

Plant-based foods continue to gain popularity, but a 100 percent plant-based turk’y burger is one we haven’t seen yet. But for vegans and pre-vegans alike it offers a great alternative to its cruel animal-based counterpart. Each year, 300 million turkeys are slaughtered in the U.S. alone. But just like chickens, cows, pigs and humans, turkeys are intelligent, build relationships, and feel pain and fear.

Turkeys are incredibly curious animals who enjoy exploring and can remember the detailed geographic makeup of 1,000 acres.

While many BOCA items still use dairy, food giant Kraft Heinz is listening to demands from thousands of customers for plant-based options.

In July, actor Kimberly Elise (Diary of a Mad Black Woman, The Manchurian Candidate) joined our campaign by personally penning a letter to the CEO of Kraft Heinz. She wrote that families want a healthier and kinder BOCA. It looks like her efforts are paying off. 

BOCA has taken a promising step with its new vegan turk’y burger. As its meatless competitors like Quorn and Morningstar become more focused on fully vegan options, the only way forward for BOCA as a leader in the plant-based market is to eliminate dairy.

BOCA has been releasing more and more vegan options. In 2010 the company took a huge step forward by eliminating eggs in response to our campaign. More recently, it has debuted items like vegan falafel–but has yet to eliminate cruelty altogether. Join us in saying thank you for the newest animal-free option, and asking for more. Sign the petition to urge Kraft Heinz to stop using animal ingredients once and for all.

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