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Video: Singing Chicken’s Telegram Ruffles Feathers at McDonald’s HQ

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Singing chicken pays a visit to McDonald’s headquarters with an important message

We sent a singing chicken to McDonald’s headquarters in Chicago to deliver a telegram message to the fast food giant on behalf of the hundreds of millions of birds suffering in its supply chain.

In the telegram, our costumed vocalist sings:

“Chickens require a number of things: First, they want to spread their little wings. Have room to move around, peck the ground.”

“Rapid growth makes chickens unhealthy, and McDonald’s, it’s sad that you can be more wealthy. It’s chickens who pay the price, so stop rapid growth and just be nice.” 

Animal Outlook is a member of a coalition of organizations   including Animal Equality, The Humane League and Mercy For Animals   opposing McDonald’s cruelty to birds with powerful efforts including a full-page open letter in the Sunday New York Times and a video billboard seen by millions in Times Square. Today’s telegram is part of a week of actions in Chicago creating buzz around the campaign, following last week’s Times Square demonstration with actor Edie Falco.

McDonald’s recently told Fast Company that it’s exploring the idea of plant-based alternatives. Now is the time to act if the company wants to keep up with its competitors. As consumers increasingly turn toward healthier and kinder vegan menu options, chains like White Castle are cashing in on the meat-free demand.

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