The TryVeg Guide to Vegan Fast Food

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Being vegan is easier than ever–even when it comes to once meat-heavy fast food. As consumers seek more compassionate, healthier, and Earth-friendly food options, restaurant chains are catching up.

Whether you’re on a road trip or just craving a quick and affordable meal, chances are you’ll be able to find something at one of many common fast-food chains.

And with Compassion Over Killing’s many recent victories getting vegan options added to menus nationwide, we know they all may be hard to keep up with. So to celebrate these victories and show just how many options there are for vegan fast food, we’re sharing a few fave fast food options for the vegan on the go:


As a result of a Compassion Over Killing campaign a few years ago, Dunkin’ now offers almond milk for all its coffee drinks! Even more exciting, in 2019 the company partnered with Beyond Meat in creation of a meatless sausage breakfast sandwich–made vegan without the egg and cheese.

We taste-tested the sandwich, which was delicious, but we’re still hoping for a vegan donut. Sign the petition now for a vegan sweet treat!

Pro tip: To save $$ (and not pay for eggs and cheese!), just order the breakfast sandwich as “an english muffin with a Beyond Sausage patty.” Then if you’re really hungry, top with hashbrowns and ketchup!


While Subway stores in the United States may not have the wealth of vegan options they have abroad, it’s still easy to get a great meal for cheap. Just load up an Italian roll with your choice of veggies and top with a vegan sauce: mustard, oil, vinegar, Italian dressing, or even sweet onion sauce. 

And now, if you live in one of the participating locations, you can try the newest Beyond Meatball Marinara sub!

Don’t live in one of those areas? Join us in asking Subway for a vegan sub nationwide.

Burger King

In 2019, Burger King quickly began reining as one of the leaders in plant-based fast-food options with its debut of the Impossible Whopper, which can be made totally plant-based by just removing the mayo.

For a breakfast on the go, grab an order of french toast sticks–which are totally vegan! Hash browns, fries, and a garden salad are also vegan-friendly.


Amazing news–this classic American diner’s veggie patty is totally vegan! Build your own burger and add all the veggies you want, then pair with fries for an easy, low effort vegan meal. For breakfast, mix and match sides like fruit, toast, and hashbrowns loaded with veggies. Breakfast skillets can also be made vegan–just ask for no meat, eggs, or cheese.

Taco Bell

vegan fast-food

The taco giant is revolutionizing vegan fast food, with seemingly endless ways to customize your order as meat-, egg-, and dairy-free. In fact, Taco Bell’s website even has a guide to veganizing menu items due to popular demand. One of our favorite combinations? A Crunchwrap fresco-style (no dairy!), with refried beans instead of beef. Yum!

McDonald’s (Canada)

Live in Southwestern Ontario? You’re in luck. Another win for Beyond Meat, McDonald’s is now testing their vegan patty in their “P.L.T.” burger: plants, lettuce, and tomato.

Blaze Pizza

This custom pizza chain is a quick and easy way to get a vegan pizza–and there’s no skipping the cheese here! At Blaze, you can get vegan cheese on top of the regular or gluten-free crust.

Noodles World Kitchen

Here’s another restaurant that makes ordering easy, with a list of vegan options right on their website (can everyone do this?). Try the Japanese Pan Noodles or Thai Green Curry without shrimp!


Pro tip: when you load your bowl up with veggies and skip the meat, guacamole is free! Chipotle is super vegan-friendly and even has a vegan meat replacement, braised tofu sofritas. The best part? No hidden animal ingredients here: tortillas, rice, beans, chips, and salsas are all vegan.

Is your favorite missing from this list? Comment below and let us know!

Plus, will McDonald’s ketchup to its fast food competitors and serve up a vegan option? The chain recently debut a vegan burger at its Chicago headquarters — join us in asking for one nationwide.

And if you’re craving an item from your pre-vegan days, don’t worry: plenty of old favorites can be made vegan at home!

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