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Could a Vegan Subway Option Be on the Way?

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This year, vegetarian brand MorningStar Farms took a big step and announced that it would be transitioning its frozen meat replacement line to become fully vegan!  Though the company began reducing its usage of eggs in 2008 after urging from Compassion Over Killing and Vegan Outreach, Vegan Outreach’s continuing campaign has convinced the company to ditch eggs entirely. The line will be fully vegan by 2021.

This change has huge implications for birds, saving hens by lowering demand for eggs produced on cruel factory farms. And it also could mean expanded vegan options for compassionate consumers on the go. Morningstar Farms currently supplies its vegetarian patty (previously made with eggs) to Subway–could this finally mean a fully vegan option?

This animal-saving change would make a lot of sense: in the UK, Subway is already trialing a fully vegan option complete with a vegan patty and egg-free garlic aioli. Meanwhile, other fast-food giants like Burger King and Taco Bell are debuting their own plant-based options.

More and more consumers are switching to compassionate vegan options. With this new development it’s easier than ever for Subway to meet that demand and bring a vegan sandwich stateside. Head to to leave the sandwich giant a polite message and let it know that you want a vegan sub!

Your support fuels campaigns that are making vegan eating business as usual. And thanks to the generosity of the Rena Roseman Memorial Fund, your gift today will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $75,000!

Thank you for taking action for animals. 

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