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Back to School: Making Vegan Lunch Cool and Delicious

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It’s back to school season, and as kids prepare for the excitement of making new friends and learning new things, it’s also the time when vegan parents start thinking about creative and appealing vegan lunch meals that are nutritious, delicious, and make vegan eating as cool as it is compassionate!

Look no further — we’ve got tips for healthy, animal-friendly lunches that will make your child feel like he or she is the head of the class.

    • Make kids’ favorites. Burgers? Hot dogs? Pizza? Vegan versions, of course. Create personal veggie pizzas with pita bread or an English muffin, tomato sauce mixed with veggies for extra nutrients and topped with dairy-free cheese. Don’t forget the always popular pb & j — or make it with almond butter and freshly sliced fruit for variety.
    • Hide the healthy stuff. If your child prefers lunches that look more like what their friends are eating, try hiding the veggies among more familiar ingredients like in our “Chicken” salad, which disguises tofu with vegan mayonnaise, bell peppers, and onions. Making an after-school treat? Mix in avocado, banana, or even zucchini to make your baked goods good-for-you and tasty, too.
    • Use veggie versions of meat, dairy, and eggs. Veggie meats are totally satisfying, and they often look and taste just like animal-based meats. We like these cold cuts for sandwiches, and try dairy-free soy, almond, or coconut milk single-serve cartons and yogurt cups to round out the meal.
    • vegan lunchDon’t forget dessert. By bringing yummy sweets, vegan kids show that they don’t have to miss out on anything! Make rice crispy treats with vegan marshmallows, or try our Chewy Fudge Brownies.
    • Get inspired by Pinterest. This social site has a ton of vegan recipes from around the web. One of the best collections is on a group board called “Vegan Kids’ Meal Ideas,” composed of recipes from vegan blogs like Plant-Powered Kitchen, Vegan Yack Attack, Vegansaurus, and Fat Free Vegan Kitchen, all in one place!
    • Remind kids why your family eats vegan. If your child feels peer pressure to go along with the group, remind him or her that your family is vegan because you believe animals deserve to be treated with compassion. With this knowledge and your support, your child will navigate the cafeteria, classroom, and beyond with confidence. This great article by children’s book author Ruby Roth has more advice on helping your kid remain vegan in social situations.

Visit our quick meals page on for more easy lunch and snack ideas.

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