Website Uncovers the Life and Death of Broiler Chickens

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Compassion Over Killing is excited to announce the relaunch of, an in-depth and evolving look behind the closed doors of an industry that raises and slaughters more than 8 billion animals in the US each year.  Chickens raised their meat, known as “broilers” in the industry, sadly account for nearly 90% of all the animals killed for food each year …

Veterinary Association Proposes Burying Chickens Alive

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A Compassion Over Killing investigator working inside a North Carolina factory farm supplying Pilgrim’s Corp. (previously Pilgrim’s Pride) — the second largest poultry producer in the world — documented live chickens heartlessly dumped into outdoor pits. As our investigator caught on camera, these unwanted chickens, who were sick or injured, were stuffed into buckets with dead or dying birds and …

New Tyson CEO: Plant-Based Demand Outpacing Meat

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According to the new CEO of Tyson Foods, one of the largest meat producers in the world, “Plant-based protein is growing almost, at this point, a little faster than animal-based, so I think the migration may continue in that direction.” In a Fox Business article, “Tyson Foods CEO: The Future of Food Might Be Meatless,” Tyson’s Tom Hayes said:  “If you take a …

Food service giants urge chicken industry to slow down rapid growth

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A chicken who’s raised for her for meat, commonly known in the industry as a “broiler,” is forced to live in misery behind the closed doors of a factory farm. This suffering is multiplied by more than 8 billion: the staggering number of chickens slaughtered for meat each year — in the U.S. alone. Compassion Over Killing has been on front …

Tyson Recalls 66 Tons of Chicken Nuggets Possibly Containing Plastic

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As Compassion Over Killing (COK) recently exposed, there are many reasons why consumers should question their Tyson Foods purchase. A massive recall of chicken nuggets possibly containing hard plastic is just the latest. A heartbreaking investigative video by COK, released in August, revealed egregious cruelty to chickens at Tyson-contracted broiler breeder factory farms, including Tyson workers punching, kicking and throwing live chickens, and …


“BONING” VICTORY: Major Poultry Producer Ends Cruel Practice

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“Boning” Severely Restricts Male Birds’ Ability to Eat Wayne Farms, the nation’s sixth largest poultry producer, has stated that it will end the brutal practice of stabbing a dull plastic “bone” through the sensitive nostrils of young male breeder chickens. The painful practice, commonly known as “boning,” severely restricts male birds’ ability to eat in order to keep them from …


Lawsuit Claims Chicken Industry Killed Birds to Illegally Inflate Prices

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Chickens are forced to endure some of the worst abuses in animal agribusiness, and Animal Outlook works to bring their suffering, and that of all farmed animals, to light. Our investigators have revealed birds buried alive in pits and newly hatched chicks ground alive or left to slowly die. Despite desperate efforts by the industry to hide such abuse, we continue …


Consider This: Chickens are smarter than toddlers

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Did you know there are no federal laws protecting chickens? On factory farms, these animals are forced to endure horrific abuses and their misery is kept hidden behind closed doors, keeping the public in the dark about the truth. Case in point: Our shocking investigative video filmed inside multiple facilities supplying the nation’s largest chicken producer, Tyson Foods, reveals birds being kicked, thrown, …

OSHA Fines Pilgrim’s Pride for Putting Workers at Risk

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Pilgrim’s Pride can’t be feeling very proud. In 2014, Compassion Over Killing (COK) released a gut-wrenching undercover video revealing shocking cruelty to chickens inside a North Carolina factory farm supplier of Pilgrim’s Pride. Featured in a CNN exclusive report, the footage sparked outrage over chickens buried alive in outdoor pits, and birds suffering from ammonia burns, leg deformities, and more. This year, …