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Federal Court Allows Case Against North Carolina Ag-Gag Law to Proceed

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This week, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit overturned the district court’s ruling dismissing a challenge to North Carolina’s ag-gag law. This dangerous law, targeting undercover investigations, first came into effect in January of 2016 after the state legislature overrode a veto by then Governor Pat McCrory. Ag-gag laws are designed to protect factory farms and …

Animals Are Not A Health Food!

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This month the International Food Information Council Foundation (IFIC) published a survey on American dieting habits and the results made something clear: Americans want to get in control of their health, but have they been misled? Instead of opting for a plant-based diet, consumers are running away from carbohydrates in search of more protein. Diet regimens like Paleo, Keto and …


“Injured Chickens” Race from Cruelty at Tyson’s Hometown Marathon

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Two costumed “injured chickens” limped in the annual Hogeye Marathon sponsored by Tyson Foods in Springdale, Arkansas, the poultry giant’s hometown, on April 14, urging Tyson to move toward plant protein. Joining the “birds” representing the hundreds of millions of real chickens suffering for Tyson products every year, Animal Outlook volunteers rallied along the sidelines, carrying signs reading: “Tyson: End …

Chicken Industry Titan, Tyson, Launching Plant-Based Bowls

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After hearing from more than a quarter-million of you on a COK petition asking Tyson Foods to stop genetic manipulation of birds for rapid growth and shift toward cruelty-free plant proteins, Tyson has announced that it’s launching a line of plant-based grab-and-go bowls this year! This is another promising step, after Tyson announced it was increasing its investment in plant-based …

Investigator’s Eye-Opening Letter in Tyson’s Hometown Paper Exposes Gruesome Reality for Birds

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Today, on the eve of Tyson’s annual shareholder meeting in Springdale, Arkansas, an eye-opening letter from a Compassion Over Killing investigator has been printed in Tyson’s hometown paper, revealing a hidden, gruesome reality that birds face on Tyson-contract farms. Appearing in the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette this morning, the letter is penned by a COK undercover investigator who witnessed violent abuse and …

Poultry Industry Attempt to Increase Kill Speed is Rejected by USDA

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The US Dept. of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has rejected a chicken industry proposal to allow for the increase of already dangerously fast slaughter line speeds. In December, Compassion Over Killing submitted a comment to the USDA voicing our grave concerns over the National Chicken Council’s proposal. We had also submitted an initial comment in September …

Former Tyson CEO Calls Consumers ‘Gullible’ for Believing Horrific Undercover Factory Farm Footage

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Time and again, undercover investigators collect hard-hitting footage from factory farms, proving that abuse, mutilation, and violence are sadly the reality of life for farmed animals. And the horrors continue — a recent COK investigation revealed egregious acts of violence at a facility that supplied Tyson Foods — yet a former CEO of the company continues to deny that abuses …

Poultry Industry News: Plant-Based Eating to Increase in 2018

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Meat is so last year! In fact, as consumers grow increasingly concerned about animal welfare, more and more are choosing kinder, healthier, and more sustainable plant-based foods. Even meat industry news seems to be taking notice. Poultry industry site, WATTAgNet, has just published thoughts on “why plant-based eating will increase in 2018.” “Last year, plant-based proteins became more mainstream, thanks …


USDA to Case Farms: Remove False Animal Welfare Claim

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Jan. 9 UPDATE: Since COK published this story, Case Farms has removed its original, incorrect animal welfare statement, as has the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association. Jan. 3 update: After COK brought the false claim by Case Farms to the attention of WATTAgNet, the industry news outlet immediately unpublished its article quoting the company’s animal welfare statement. COK has asked U.S. …