Tyson Recalls 66 Tons of Chicken Nuggets Possibly Containing Plastic

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As Compassion Over Killing (COK) recently exposed, there are many reasons why consumers should question their Tyson Foods purchase. A massive recall of chicken nuggets possibly containing hard plastic is just the latest.

A heartbreaking investigative video by COK, released in August, revealed egregious cruelty to chickens at Tyson-contracted broiler breeder factory farms, including Tyson workers punching, kicking and throwing live chickens, and even birds crushed to death.

COK’s shocking video prompted Tyson to immediately end companywide a barbaric practice documented for the first time on hidden camera by our investigator. Known as “boning,” the painful process involves male breeder chickens being stabbed through their sensitive nostrils with a plastic “bone.” Continued efforts by COK have led two other top chicken producers, Perdue and Wayne Farms, to follow suit and end this cruel practice permanently.

Now, Tyson has recalled 132,520 pounds — that’s over 66 tons! — of chicken nuggets that could contain hard plastic. According to the USDA, which has labeled the possible contamination a “Class I” high health risk, the recall includes 20-pound cases intended for “institutional use” in Pennsylvania, meaning that contaminated nuggets could have gone to schools.

Among several other major players in the chicken industry, Tyson is also currently facing a class action lawsuit for an alleged price-fixing scheme, in which hens were killed to illegally inflate the price of chicken products by nearly 50%. A similar class action suit, for which COK conducted the initial case research and development, against 70% of the US dairy industry was recently settled for $52 million.

Time and time again, animal agribusiness shows that it will put profit before both animal and consumer well-being. The best way to opt out of supporting industry cruelty and to make safer and healthier food choices is by leaving animal products off our plates. Get started today at TryVeg.com!

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