Chicken Industry Titan, Tyson, Launching Plant-Based Bowls

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After hearing from more than a quarter-million of you on a COK petition asking Tyson Foods to stop genetic manipulation of birds for rapid growth and shift toward cruelty-free plant proteins, Tyson has announced that it’s launching a line of plant-based grab-and-go bowls this year!

This is another promising step, after Tyson announced it was increasing its investment in plant-based company Beyond Meat, just a day after our petition launched.

At the 2018 Consumer Analyst Group of New York conference, Tyson revealed that it will debut a new brand called Green Street, which will kick off with a line of protein-rich bowls that are 100% plant-based, featuring ingredients like chickpeas, lentils, and quinoa.

Speaking to analysts, CEO Tom Hayes said, “Tyson Foods is transforming from a company with a strong heritage in chicken to a modern food company that is challenging the industry status quo. … Consumers expect more from food companies today, and we’re up for the challenge.

While this is a step forward, the poultry giant needs to do more if it really hopes to challenge the status quo.

A recent Compassion Over Killing investigation revealed immense suffering due to the genetic manipulation of birds for unnatural rapid growth at a Tyson-contracted farm. These two-month-old baby birds, were often crippled under the weight of their morbidly obese bodies.

Tell Tyson and Mr. Hayes that it’s time to become a true food leader by ending rapid growth once and for all! Use our sample tweet below!

SAMPLE TWEET: Thanks for the new plant-based bowls, @TysonFoodsCEO. Now it’s time for @TysonFoods to truly evolve into a modern food company by ending crippling rapid growth of birds once and for all and continuing to shift to plant protein! via @TryVeg

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