Investigator’s Eye-Opening Letter in Tyson’s Hometown Paper Exposes Gruesome Reality for Birds

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Today, on the eve of Tyson’s annual shareholder meeting in Springdale, Arkansas, an eye-opening letter from a Compassion Over Killing investigator has been printed in Tyson’s hometown paper, revealing a hidden, gruesome reality that birds face on Tyson-contract farms.

Appearing in the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette this morning, the letter is penned by a COK undercover investigator who witnessed violent abuse and systemic suffering inside a Tyson-contracted farm.

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Tomorrow in Springdale, Tyson Foods’ executives will stand before shareholders to tout the company’s progress on its vision to ‘shape the future of food.’ However, what their narrative will fail to mention is that far from Tyson’s headquarters in Arkansas is a hidden nightmare you’d have to see to believe.”

– Alex, undercover investigator, Compassion Over Killing

“Alex” not only documented birds being run over and crushed to death by forklifts, live birds violently kicked and thrown, and even tiny chicks impaled with a metal nail on the end of a pipe—but also immense suffering due to the genetic manipulation of birds for unnatural rapid growth. At Tyson, two-month-old baby birds, bred for morbid obesity, were often crippled under the weight of their own bodies.

But as the letter points out, Tyson—which relies on a revolving pool of under-paid laborers and the deaths of over a billion birds every year to report favorable earnings to investors—has refused to address the root of this suffering: breeding birds for rapid growth.


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